Nude Self Portrait, 1969 (detail)

Pencil and watercolour on paper. 12"x 8". 1969. Collection of the Artist

Self Portrait in a red shirt, 1972

Self Portrait, 1974

Self Portrait Selattyn, 1974

Self Portrait, 1975

Self Portrait with moustache, 1975

Self Portrait August/September 1976

Oil on paper. Painted on the top floor of London House, Ellesmere, Shropshire, in the summer vacation between years 1 and 2 at Cheltenham art School (aka G.C.A.D. - now Gloucestershire University). Collection of the Artist.

Self Portrait with Gaye Advert 1977

Self Portrait Litho, 1977

Self Portrait Charcoal 1978

Self Portrait, Cheltenham 1978

Painted in final year at Cheltenham art school. Lost after an interview at The Royal College of Art in October 1978. 24"x12" oil on canvas.

Self Portrait 1979

Self Portrait 1979. The Sir Brinsley Ford Collection.

Exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer exhibition, 1980. 8"x5" oil on wood panel. The Sir Brinsley Ford Collection.

Self Portrait, (detail). "From Selattyn to Wanswell Court". Painting now destroyed.

Self Portrait 76

Self Portrait, 1980.

Lost on the London Underground, 1980. 10"x 8" oil on wood panel.

Self Portrait In Husky, 1981.

Currently on loan to Birmingham University. First exhibited R. A. Summer Exhibition 1981. Oil on wood panel, 36"x24".

Self Portait in Huskey 2, 1981 (first stage).

First recorded stage of self portrait in husky 2.

Self Portrait in Husky 2, 1981.

First exhibited in the Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, 1981. Private collection. Oil on wood, 48"x 36"

Self Portrait 1982

Self Portrait 1982.

Exhibited R. A. Summer Exhibition 1983. Private Collection. Oil on wood.

Self Portrait, Seated Figure. 1983 (Detail)

Portrait Award N.P.G. 1984. Gloucestershire University Collection. Oil on wood, 48"x36"

Self Portrait with Nastassja Kinski, 1983.

Exhibited R.A. Summer Exhibition 1984. Private Collection. Oil on wood.

Self Portrait with Nastassja Kinsk, Silvie, and Liz Dean, 1984.

Exhibited R.A. Summer Exhibition 1984. Private Collection. Oil on wood.

Self Portrait 1985.


Self Portrait with Sade and Sylvia Kristel . 1985.

Exhibited R.A. Summer Exhibition 1985. Private Collection. Oil on wood.

Self Portrait 1986.

Exhibited R.A. Summer Exhibition 1986. Private Collection. Oil on wood.

Self Portrait in Landscape 1986

Self Portrait in Landscape 1986.

Detail from 'Portrait of an Artist's Model', 1994

Self Portrait, 1995

Self Portrait 1996

Exhibited Summer Exhibition 1996. Private Collection. Oil on card

Self Portrait 2000

Presented to Robin Gibson at the National Portrait Gallery with other works on the occasion of his retirement, 2000. acrylic on paper.